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B Division Information 2023/2024


Our vision

The New Westminster Minor Softball Association (NWMSA) ‘B’ division is structured around a competitive play model with emphasis on team and skill building in a positive and supportive environment. Our players are expected to have and to develop an increased level of commitment, and ability.

NWMSA’s goal is to provide players and coaches with advanced skills and competitive opportunities. NWMSA will support all players, coaches, assistant coaches, managers and volunteers to ensure the experience in our program is a positive one.

The program is overseen by our ‘B’ Division Coordinator and President who will, with the support of the NWMSA Executive and B division volunteers, layout the program’s operating guidelines, designate coaching and managerial staff, and oversee, with support from the NWMSA Executive, tryouts for the upcoming softball season. Teams will be formed annually dependent on a tryout process, with potential for a second tryout option depending on enrollment numbers. Our ‘B’ division teams will practice starting mid September, through until March, in preparation for the spring softball season.

Our 2024 season will include one (1) U13B team and one (1) U11B team.




Assessments/player identification:

U11B & U13B (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)


Tryout option #1: Wednesday, January 10, 2024, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Glenbrook Middle School Gymnasium

Tryout option #2: Monday, January 15, 2024, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Skwo:wech Elementary School

What to expect:


Tryouts will be set up to assess overall softball skills (running, throwing, catching, hitting, pitching, etc), game knowledge, athletic ability, attitude, coachability, maturity/emotional control, as well as specific skills such as pitching and catching positions.

Players should be made aware of the expectations prior to our set tryout dates. The New West Reign teams will include players who are willing to commit, learn, lead and have fun.

Parents will be expected to drop their player(s) off and leave the field during the tryouts, returning ten minutes before the tryouts finish for pick up.

What to bring:

Glove, bat (if you have one), non-marking soled runners, infield mask, helmet, catcher's gear (if you have it)

**Bring your own snacks, water bottle - please label ALL gear and items


What level of commitment is expected for ‘B’ division softball?

Players in the NWMSA ‘B’ division are expected to attend at least 80-85% of their scheduled practices, games and events. This includes but is not limited to the attendance of indoor and outdoor practices, games, fundraisers, season tournaments and provincials. Coaches are to track player attendance and will have significant discretion regarding individual playing time and selection of players with poor attendance records (regardless of try-out ranking).

Occasionally, players may not be able to attend every practice and may miss the occasional game or tournament. This is not a problem assuming reasonable notice is given to the coaches.

Players regularly missing or showing up late (or unprepared) to practices or games may lose out on playing time, and may need to reassess their desire to play in our program.

Expectations regarding attendance and what is reasonable notice for an absence should be discussed up front with the specific coaching staff.

How often do ‘B’ division teams practice and play games?

The practice days and times will be set by the coach and NWMSA ‘B’ division coordinator. Most ‘B’ division teams start with one or two outdoor practices (field) throughout September and early October, one or two indoor (gym) practices per week from October to March, and at least one outdoor practice per week after the season starts.

Some coaches may expect players to do additional practice on their own (or with a parent) or may hold extra practices for specific players.

The regular season runs from the first week in April to the end of June. Teams will play two ‘regular season’ games per week plus weekend tournaments and practices.

‘B’ division teams typically participate in three to six tournaments during the season. Scheduling of tournaments is up to the coaching staff, based on which tournaments and players are available. Typically ‘B’ division teams will play in one or more weekend tournaments per month from April to June, and likely into July.

‘B’ division teams will be expected to participate in any District Playdowns (if required) and then attend Regional / Provincial Championships that are usually scheduled by SoftballBC for the beginning of July. The U13B team will need to qualify for the Provincial Championships.


Most coaches tend to be supportive (within reason) of players involved in multiple sports, provided it does not significantly reduce attendance at practices and games or negatively impact the team.

Any extracurricular activities that might interfere with the ‘B’ Division team practices & games should be discussed with the team coaching staff, preferably before the player accepts a position on a ‘B’ division team. If any new commitments are introduced by the player (and/or their family) during the course of the year, please notify the coaching staff as soon as possible so that further discussion / actions can be taken. The amount of flexibility extended by the coach may depend upon the particular player and their circumstances.


There is frequent travel to games and tournaments across the lower mainland. For weekend tournaments, the arrival time can be quite early and extra preparation may be required.

Tournaments such as Provincial Championships may take place outside the lower mainland, requiring overnight travel and accommodation.

Some teams may also choose to participate in out-of-town tournaments such as on Vancouver Island, or in the U.S. (depending on caliber of play, fundraising, etc). This is something that should be discussed directly with the coaching staff prior to the beginning of the season.




Registration fees are higher for ‘B’ division players than ‘C’ division players to help to fund the significant additional costs associated with the program (e.g. tryouts, special uniforms, gym time, etc). All ‘B’ division teams are expected to attend and participate fully in as many NWMSA events as possible including local events such as parades, fundraisers etc.

Each team usually maintains its own budget and may ask for contributions or participation from parents in team fundraising activities to help pay for costs not otherwise covered by the Association or private sponsorships.

The Association typically does not pay for special clothing such as hoodies or special training instructors/facilities. Some of these items may be paid from the team budget or by each player/parent.

Required team budget contributions and fundraising activities, as well as, other individual equipment/clothing costs should be discussed with the particular coaching staff or team manager.

** A team spend plan will be established once the team has been formed.



All parents can apply to volunteer for our ‘B’ Division staff with the understanding that like the players, ‘B’ division volunteers are expected to bring a higher level of commitment to their teams, providing a safe and supportive environment that focuses on enhanced skill development, competition, sportsmanship, teamwork, and performance.

It is the role of the volunteer staff to provide support to not only the players but also the coaching and managerial staff, to facilitate coordinated teamwork to achieve common goals, and to improve the team dynamic over the duration of the season.

If family members want to volunteer, they may put their name in for manager, treasurer, fundraising, etc. All volunteers with NWMSA must complete a criminal record check prior to being approved for any such roles. All volunteer roles will be decided by the NWMSA ‘B’ Division coordinator and executive.


‘B’ division coaches are expected to complete and maintain all required coach training certifications for their category and classification, and to constantly improve their own knowledge and skills as a coach for the benefit of the team and its players.

‘B’ division coaches are designated by the ‘B’ Division Coordinator and the NWMSA Executive and preference will be given to coaches who have completed all of their training for the division being coached, prior history with the association, and compatibility with the team.




Is playing time equal or fair at the ‘B’ division level?

While a player can expect to be treated fairly in terms of playing time and position, fair is not the same as equal. Although the ‘B’ division is not about winning at all costs or just short-term success, there is greater focus on competition, team objectives and results. Every player brings different relative capabilities and strengths to each situation, and playing position/time may be based on many factors, such as team needs, individual ability/performance, current situation, overall strategy, etc.

Coaches who are aware of a player's preferences and capabilities typically look for opportunities to train and put players in those position(s) when appropriate. Players can use such opportunities to gain experience and earn additional playing time.

Coaches often use regular season games for development, with greater focus on winning during tournaments and as the season progresses. Stronger, more experienced and committed players typically see more playing time in set positions during tournaments, especially during District Playdowns and Provincial Championships.

All players will have chances to express desire to play additional positions throughout the season, and are encouraged to do so. It is however expected that players and parents are aware of how play time is structured prior to the start of the season.


The NWMSA has initiated our ‘B’ Division for the benefit of your kids. We have structured our play guidelines, coaching requirements, volunteer recommendations, and assessments based on the betterment of the players in a team environment. Our team of volunteers has put countless hours of work into designing a program that will provide positive support and training for its players, staff, and association.

We expect ALL parents, family members, and general spectators to act in a positive team-like manner, supporting the players, the coaching staff, the officials and the opposing teams. NWMSA does not tolerate abusive language or actions. NWMSA adheres to City bylaws and does not allow spectators to consume alcohol or drugs at or near our fields of play. Any spectators violating these guidelines will be asked to leave immediately, and further action may be taken depending on the severity of the violation.

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