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Chris Chong Memorial U11 Tournament Rules

May 5-7, 2023 - Moody Park

New Westminster

1. All games to be governed by league rules. Where no league rules apply, Softball B.C. operating rules (New 2023 rules), then Softball Canada rules will be in effect.


2. This is a no protest tournament; umpire decisions will be final.


3. Games will start at the first pitch with the umpire keeping official time. No new innings after 80 minutes, including championship games.


*Drop dead at 90 minutes 


**It is up to the coach/manager of each team to confirm with the main schedule after each game. 


4. Teams may play with 8 players. Coaches have the option of borrowing a defensive player from the opposition. When the 9th player arrives, they may be added to the roster without penalty. In case of 8 players the 9th player will NOT be an automatic out. Rosters to have a maximum of 15 players. **For special circumstances, please reach out to the tournament director PRIOR to your first game


5. Tournament rosters must be submitted to the tournament director/registration table NO LATER than one hour before the first game. Roster should include first, last name and birth date of each player, and coach, manager names with contact info (cell phone preferred in case of need to notify on short notice). Roster changes are not allowed once the first game has started. **It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that all players are registered and insured with Softball BC, and are eligible to play in the U11 age category.


6. Each team is to designate a scorekeeper who will keep score during the game. The winning team will be responsible for submitting the score to the tournament check-in table. Double check these before you hand them in - once they’re submitted, they cannot be changed! 


7. The defense has Unlimited Substitutions

Offense – All players must bat. Pinch runners may be allowed only in the event that a base runner is injured and at the discretion of the home plate umpire. The pinch runner to be the last

Out, or in the case of no outs, the last player who will be up to bat in the order.

**Pitcher may pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game. One pitch thrown is considered an inning.


8. Pitching distance will be 35 ft and bases will be set at 45 ft.


9. Runs are limited to three per inning for the first completed inning. Limited to four

runs per inning in second and third innings. Five runs max for all subsequent innings. This

includes Final Games. Mercy applies to 15 runs after four innings, 10 runs after five completed innings. This includes the Finals round.


10. Coaches for each team can agree to “Action Walks” after 4 balls (a walk) is issued to the hitter. Instead of walking to first base, the hitter will put a ball into play via side toss or tee. This rule must be agreed upon at the home plate meeting prior to game start by both coaches. In this scenario, after a batter is walked, the coach of that team will underhand side toss to their hitter from foul territory UNTIL the batter puts the ball into play (batter cannot strike out during this turn). The batted ball then becomes a live play for the defense and the batter-runner. In the case of a hit-by-pitch (HBP), the batter can choose an action walk or take their base at first. 


11. A player cannot advance to home on a steal, passed ball or wild pitch. The player must be batted in, forced home by a walk, or part of a continuation of a play (i.e., overthrow).


12. Runner may advance one base on an overthrow and do so at the risk of being thrown/tagged out. Runner may try to advance one base per overthrow if consecutive overthrows are made in the same play to a maximum of two throws.


13. Players may not advance to any base on a catcher overthrow to the pitcher after a pitch.


14. Runners should slide or avoid contact if a play is happening at the base they are advancing to, including homeplate. Exception 1st base where the batter runner must cross the safety bag. If in the opinion of the umpire the player did not attempt to slide or avoid collision the runner will be called out.


15. Dropped Third strike rule is NOT in effect.


16. Infield fly rule is NOT in effect.


17. A 11” ball (COR .47) ball will be used.


18. Tournament Scoring: Scoring in the round robin….. 2 points for win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, +/- runs for and against (maximum +7/-7) +/- bases touched (maximum +30 / -30).


19. Championship Rounds: All teams advance to a playoff round. Top 4 teams move to the

“Tier 1” to a single knockout, next 4 teams “Tier 2” to a single knockout.


20. Under no circumstances will a coach, manager, or associated member of any team be permitted to verbally abuse any official, volunteer or opposing team members in the tournament. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in immediate ejection from the tournament. Additional abuse to any officials, volunteers or opposing teams will result in disqualification and ejection of the entire team. 


21. This is a tournament that will be focusing on FUN. Long term development is important and we encourage all coaches, parents, etc to keep that in mind during the entire tournament.

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