NWMSA Return To Play Plan 

Supplement to Softball BC’s Back To Bases plan 

Date: August 13, 2020 Rev. Date: Sep 25 2020 


In addition to Softball BC’s Back To Bases plan, New Westminster Minor Softball Association (NWMSA) has put together this safety plan to outline a protocol for return to play at Moody Park in New Westminster. This is to have a procedure in place for the Association’s specific return to play for its players, volunteers and field users. 

This document is to work with the Softball BC Back to Bases plan and can be modified at any time to reflect changes in recommendations by Softball BC and/or the City of New Westminster’s Parks Department. 



NWMSA received approval for the use of Moody Park softball diamond #1 for its return to play location. Days and times include the following: 


Saturdays, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, September 5 - October 31, 2020 


Age group use of field: 

9:00 – 10:00 am: Learn To Play (LTP) and U8 

10:30 – 12:00pm U10 and U12 

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm: U14 + 


A 15 minute cleaning break has been scheduled between age groups to allow for cleaning of equipment and any surfaces that have been touched, plus the field set up for the new group coming in. 

These times are scheduled for practice sessions only, not games between teams. 1




As per the Provincial guidelines, attendance at each practice (including spectators) will be limited to no more than 50 people. This will be strictly enforced. 

As we will not be welcoming spectators onto the bleachers within the fence line, we will be informing all attendees that a lawn chair may be suitable if they are unable to stand for prolonged periods of time. Spectators must watch practice from outside the fence line in the designated areas (these will be clearly marked at the field along the 1st and 3rd baselines, adjacent to the outfield). 

Entrance and Exit: 

- The entrance to the diamond will be located through the breezeway at the north side of the Moody Park #1 field behind home plate. 

- The exit to the field will be located at the north-east side of the field, north of third base.

- All other entrance and exit points will be taped off with signs leading to the designated openings, as well as, spectator areas. 


Sanitization stations: 


NWMSA will provide sanitizer at the following locations. 

- Inside the entrance breezeway 

- At each away dugout 

- At home dugout 


NWMSA will provide the following items at the breezeway sanitization station.. 

- Sanitizer 

- water, soap and paper towels 

- Rubber gloves 

- Sanitary wipes 

- Extra masks 

- Garbage pail 


The designated Sanitizing Champion will monitor supply levels and notify the equipment manager via phone, text or email when supplies are low/need replacing. 


Sanitization protocol for NWMSA will follow the Softball BC Back to Bases plan.

● Entrance will be taped off from the rear fence to the breezeway pillar. A table will be placed for Screening and Attendance leaving a little aisle for the only entry point. A sign will be there stating Entrance for Fall Ball Registered players, coaches, scheduled volunteers and officials only. Entry will be limited to no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. 


● The bleachers on the away side will have a 5 gallon water jug, liquid pump hand soap, and a bottle of sanitizer. Upon successful entry the registered will wash their hands with soap and water. There will be paper towels. Sanitizer is available for sanitizing throughout the activity in three spots. It is recommended that soiled hands be washed rather than sanitized. Sanitizing can occur after hands are dry. 

● The In-charge Person will have a first aid kit, ice packs, gloves and extra masks. ● The faculty garbage can will be by the table. 

● Players are required to bring masks and it is recommended that they wear their mask at all times. NWMSA only has a few masks on hand for those that forget their mask. ● Coaches and Volunteers will lead by example and wear masks. 

● Players will wait at designated marked spots on the away bleachers before the coach invites them into the field through the away dugout. Only one person at a time is to be within the dugout while passing through to the field. Bleachers can be marked with Chalk to distance waiting players. 

● Once invited in, players will enter the field through the away dugout and put their personal belongings along the backstop. Again chalk will be used to mark distanced spots for their belongings. 

● At the end of practice when leaving the diamond the Home dugout will be the exit. The players will then leave from between the home dugout and the rear fence heading towards tennis and basketball courts. There will be a rope across this access with a hook and sign saying exit only. There will be no exiting from the breezeway entry point. The away dugout to the rear fence will also have a rope with a sign saying NO Entry. 

● Sanitizer will be available at both dugout gates as well as the entry wash station. ● The middle gate will be used by coaches and volunteers needing access to the in-charge person. 

● There are washrooms at the pool. Players wishing to use these will take the exit and return through the breezeway where they will wash their hands before entering field. The middle gate can be used for this as communication needs to occur with the in-charge person and it is best the younger players have a chaperone. 


Field Preparation 


○ Volunteers will have to set up the sanitation stations, roped off areas and signage prior to the first group on the Saturday mornings. 

○ Fresh bleach solution will be mixed up and a pressure pump sprayer (garden type). 20 ml of household bleach per litre of water. Warning: bleach will damage clothes so volunteers should be wearing appropriate clothing. 

○ All the high contact surfaces will need to be sprayed with bleach. Gates, gate posts, chain link fence where players will hang their bags. 

○ Balls, Cones, bases and team bats will be sprayed with sanitized with either a washing with dish soap or spraying with bleach solution. 

○ Each group will have their own equipment and will be responsible for its sanitation.

○ Screener/Attendance Tracker will have a print out of questions. Attendance will be taken and recorded on paper. Roster can be printed to aid in this, extra persons entering can be added on the roster attendance sheet. The attendance will be emailed to the VP who will be our Attendance coordinator. 

○ Sanitizing Champion will be responsible for bleaching. 

○ Shared balls and equipment will be swapped out between drills so the Sanitizing champion can sanitize the balls and equipment (cones, bags, shared bats, tees etc.) ○ Balls can be cleaned and sanitized by washing with dish detergent or in a solution of Lysol Multi Surface household cleaner and water as written on the label. A cloth should be used to scrub balls, let sit for about a minute and then rinse. They can be air dried or towel dried. If time is short, then spray balls with bleach and let air dry. Note: bleach will deteriorate the balls. Balls can be dried in a basket style holder like a milk crate, bread tray or laundry basket. 

● Players will be divided up into small groups of 2 to 4 players for drills when possible. ● Players will sanitize hands after each drill. Hand Sanitizing should happen at least once every 20 minutes. 

● Sanitizing champions will supply freshly sanitized balls after each drill. Balls can be batched so while a drill is happening a set of balls will be sanitized. 

● Coaches or their volunteers will need to wash equipment after the practice to remove all dirt so that the equipment will easily sanitize at the next event. Household multi surface cleaner or dish detergent can be used. 

Additional park amenities: 


NWMSA has no control over the park amenities. As such, the City of New Westminster will be contacted regarding bathroom usage, concession, parking, etc prior to season starting and this document will be updated at that time. 


Emergency Action Plan: 


All coaches and volunteers are required to complete and review an Emergency Action Plan prior to every session. (Template attached) 


Attendance Tracker: 


A designated attendance tracker will be responsible for taking and handling information from the players, volunteers, coaches and spectators as they arrive to the field. Attendance trackers will be responsible for setting up the entrance and exit points, signs clearly outlining the field of play, spectator areas, and sign in point. 

OUTBREAK POLICY: In case of an outbreak (2 or more confirmed cases of Covid-19) the attendance tracker will be responsible for notifying all attendees of the affected dates. The attendance coordinator will have the authority to immediately stop all future practicing until the situation has been identified and controlled. The attendance tracker will notify the NWMSA Attendance Coordinator who will in turn call the health authority to notify of the outbreak, if they are not already aware. 

Additional personal protection:


- All players, coaches and volunteers should have a mask with them to the practice session, to be worn should 6’ not be able to be maintained. 

- No sunflower seeds are to be brought to the park. 

- Water bottles should all be clearly marked. 

***Drop-in players will not be permitted - Waivers must be signed and submitted prior to being cleared for play. 

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